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Partnering for Success

We commit to nurturing trust-based partnerships that yield steady rewards and streamlined operations. We take pride in maintaining impeccable property standards, with regular cleaning schedules and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your investment remains pristine and performs at its best. Choose Seven Nights for enduring quality and a legacy where success and superior care for your property are the benchmarks.


Transparent Trust with Seven Nights 

Our Promises

Our Promises

Consistent Income
Secure your earnings with Seven Nights' strategic leasing plans, promising steady profits and financial serenity

Property Upkeep
Seven Nights ensures your property is maintained to perfection, offering comprehensive care without extra costs

Property Safety
Seven Nights employs security measures, including cameras and sound monitoring systems, to ensure the protection of properties

Long-Term Contracts
Seven Nights offers multi-year lease options, ranging from two to five years, to ensure consistent returns and stability for your investment.

Seven Nights and Demha Nights

United in Excellence

Seven Nights, in alliance with Demha Nights, redefines the essence of serviced living. Our combined expertise curates a premium portfolio that surpasses expectations, ensuring our properties stand out in both appeal and service. Our sustained performance and commitment to excellence are reflected in our two-year track record of trust and comprehensive care.

We place long-term value on our partnerships, offering secure contracts with terms adaptable up to five years. By marrying strategic planning with meticulous management, we ensure that our properties meet the elevated standards that both Seven Nights and Demha Nights are renowned for.



Yes, our Property Damage Coverage is designed to offer peace of mind to landlords. It includes assurances against property damage caused by tenants, going beyond normal wear and tear. This means that in the event of significant damage caused by tenant negligence or misuse, you are financially protected.

We provide comprehensive legal support to help you navigate the complexities of tenancy laws and contracts. Our team is equipped to assist in resolving any disputes amicably and legally, ensuring that your rights as a landlord are always protected.

Alongside contents insurance, we also provide public liability insurance, which ensures the safety of all individuals staying in the property. This insurance offers protection against claims of injury or property damage by third parties, providing an additional layer of security.

Being ICO registered demonstrates our commitment to the protection of our customers’ information. It ensures that all data handling practices comply with the highest standards of data protection and privacy, offering landlords and tenants alike assurance that their personal and sensitive information is in safe hands.

Our public liability insurance shields against third-party injury or damage claims on your property, protecting you from legal and financial risks. Our professional indemnity insurance covers professional negligence, ensuring financial security against errors in our property management services. Together, these policies enhance our service security, providing you with comprehensive risk protection and peace of mind in property rental.

Routine inspections are a critical part of our property management strategy to ensure the highest standards of upkeep. We conduct regular and thorough evaluations of each property, addressing any maintenance needs promptly to maintain quality and comfort.

Effortless Lettings with Seven Nights